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The surname Albides has been linked to foreing trade operations in the port of Cadiz from probably more than 100 years. The activity is initiate by D .Jose Albides Gonzalez (+1938) carrying out the customs clearance of produced called colonial ,such as coffee, sugar, etc. For firms established in the city as House Sierra or Emilio Porta among others. His death took over in the direction of they company his son Antonio Jose Albides Luque, (+1982) which increases the customer base with companies already not in the city but outside of the province debit to begins to market a product, until then, it got on our coast such as a fish.

In principle is to import of fresh fish on ice, but they type of presentation is changing and tending towards the frozen due to the worn conservation techniques and presentation.

At year 1953 who collaborate in the Custom Agency Emilio Jose Albides de la Vega (+2005) .Albides which gets the tile Agent Custom in 1984 ,that begins its journey with a small portfolio of clients inherited from his predecessor and two employers. With the boom that will take frozen products that portfolio of clients is increasing, forming part of the same companies more important in Spain in the sector.

As a result of increase of clients, and always looking for integral quality designated, in 1993 opened own delegation in Algeciras and from 1997 also are beginning to realize custom paperwok.

From the port of Seville ,increasing and consolidating so received business inheritance.

At 1990 begins to form port of the company D. Francisco Albides Gonzalez, current company Custom Agent, to which you add more afternoon his sisters Maria Luisa Albides Gonzalez and Maria Jose Albides Gonzalez, collaborating with this in order to be able with the profession that so much time has been linked to this surname.

Francisco Albides Gonzalez obtains the title of customs broker in 1999, freight forwarder in the year 1996, and recently 2011 is Operated Authorized Economic (OEA) Certificated by the Department of Customs and Excise. In Spain with a field of application within the European Community.
That same year 2011 creates the company CODITRANSIT MAROC S.A.R.L. headquarter in tanger, Morocco, due to existing demand for services international by the companies both Spanish and European

Nevertheless nowadays the company employs highly skilled and professionalized with on well-deserved recognition both among clients as the own companions of the sector, offering a comprehensive national and international service in the sector of foreing trade and custom specifically.

During professional life of Francisco Albides Gonzalez has held the following positions:

  • Secretary of the Council of official Colleges of Customs Brokers of Spain.
  • President of the Official School of Agents and Brokers of Customs of Cadiz.
  • Treasure and member of the association for the promotion of the port of Bahia de Cadiz gades-port.

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